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Kalamazoo, Michigan
2010, Fall

It all began to landslide after I discovered Trent had a penchant for risky activities. He loved the rush an adrenalin high supplied. Although he was indeed a harmless person his craving for excitement often pushed his actions to an extreme.

I remember it beginning with him running ten miles every day in conspicuously short shorts, “to maintain my physique.” He then progressed to stealing cheap jewelry from franchised fashion stores to give me. Eventually, it evolved into what I was lead to believe was involuntary manslaughter.

We were living in a dilapidated studio apartment that was built upon the side of a hidden hill and neighbored by an old vast cemetery. …

I’ll Pretend For Now

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My eyes scanned him for expressions as we walked in the snow towards his campus. The leftover snow from hours ago crunched under our boots, steam from our mouths trailing us as we walked. I looked up to the clear dark night sky, the stars were bright and showing their true selves.

“Pure bliss,” my lips mouthed. That’s all I saw in his expression as I let him hold my hand as we walked. “Why?” I asked him.

“Why what?”

“Why do you love me, even though you know, I’m a killer.”

He gave me the same answer they all did. Men love nothing more than loving something dangerous, something unknown, something that can hurt them, or even better, is hurting them. Hours before, he was helping me bury the body on the side of the hill next to my apartment, unmarked, forever to remain unknown but to the residents already residing in the cemetery dirt. …

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Photo by Atharva Dharmadhikari on Unsplash

“Why are you reading a book at a party?”

I looked up from my book and saw a girl standing in front of me, drink in her hand, a smile on her face. “Want to dance with me instead?”

“Huh?” I pushed the glasses up on my face to get a better look. Long brown hair, small feet, big brown eyes, and a bigger smile.

“This song, it’s my favorite.” She reached her hand out to me and I found myself pulled off my ass onto my feet as she grabbed onto my arm and pulled me to the dance floor. “It’s slow so you don’t need to do much, ok? Here, I’ll even lead.” She went to position her arms on my back. …

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Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

The pit, a void, gravity, I’m falling through and down into the dark. Arms stretch out legs flailing, my hair gathers in my mouth as I try to call out, but my heart screams louder. Blood pounding through my neck to my ears, until I hear the wind stop, and I’m on my hands and knees. Bowing my head in an empty room, ambient light off in the distance as my eyes try to adjust to the surroundings.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

Raising my hand to my throat my heart skips. My voice is different. Deeper. My neck, thicker, my shoulders, my arms, larger and more defined. Is this my body? I reach down to my chest. …

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Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash

The Godsend and I went to a bar on the corner of 3rd Street. It was the middle of the day so the bar was filled with day drunk regulars nursing their hangovers from the previous night. Bloody Mary, Hair of the Gog, and half-empty Mimosas littered the tables. I didn’t want to drink so I ordered a coke with lime. The tall blonde alien-looking woman sat next to me, ordered a vodka and soda. After a long awkward silence, I decided to break the tension with a question.

“So, what’s a Godsend?”

“A Godsend,” she replied with a little smile, “Is when a human is so pathetic GOD feels the need to intervene, and thus, I am created to fill a need.” She smiled, stirring her drink with the tiny black straw, amused at it’s size. …

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Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

“I think I’m...”

There he was, long brown hair, pointy nose and boots, dark clothes, and gaunt skin. The vampire that doesn’t seem to fuck off. Around him was this warm red aura that reached out and circled around me from an arm's length.

“I think I loved you in a past life.”

I heard those words slide into my ears when they fell from his lips. Everything around me froze and I rose my hand to my face. The air around me began to drip like droplets, and their waves pushed me side to side. Sitting on a wooden boat for two. …

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Photo by Racheal Lomas on Unsplash

Being attacked by a vampire is something people have a lot of misconceptions about. I’ve read that you can become undead or you can die from a lack of blood, but did you know you can also just be hospitalized for three days and then leave the hospital with a giant hospital bill stapled to your credit score?

No? Damn. Well, I’m glad I told you now.

Needless to say after that experience I decided to stay away from him. Time passed, he found a girlfriend, another vampire. I found a boyfriend, a human, life went on. …

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Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Recently I started talking to the ‘X’ I had been with for five years.

I wouldn’t have started talking to him, but he reached out to me in his way, and I figured if he was doing that he was really in a bad space; so I messaged him and we started talking.

I found out him and I are actually feeling the same type of existential dread we always have. Unsure of our place in the universe. Feeling like our careers are going nowhere and the skills we do possess are useless.

He’s able to talk to me about how dumb and slutty he’s acting and I’m able to listen without getting upset. That is a quality I was hoping would show up eventually. You can’t actually try to be friends with an ex without it. So far so good, I’m able to talk to him and encourage him to do creative work without feeling at all responsible for his bad behavior. …

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Photo by Sora Sagano on Unsplash

February and March-

I rent a studio apartment in Nagoya, Japan. 4I.

The bathroom is small but the tub is tall and I can take a bath in it every morning and evening. I buy most of my means from the Lawson 100, everything’s only 100 Yen there, around 1 USD. It’s about all I feel comfortable spending.

I’ve gotten in the habit of not liking myself when I spend a lot of money. I’d like to think this is going to serve me long term. …


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